Detailed Description

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Transnational Project and Financial Management

Work Package 1 in a nutshell

A transnational project with nine partners from different countries is a complex system.
We combine all the tasks necessary to start, implement, monitor, steer and close the project.

Work Package Lead: Barbara Kéri, via donau

NEWADA duo means a good working relationship between experts for the Danube waterway. The objective in this work package is to ensure the good working environment for the project participants.

- Barbara Kéri

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Work Package Lead: Hélène Gilkarov, via donau

"The ultimate impact of a project is built upon the effectiveness of its dissemination strategy: Ours is to see to it that as the Danube flows beyond borders, the promotion of this project and its results also go beyond our borders."

- Hélène Gilkarov


Communication Activities

Work Package 2 in a nutshell

In order to raise awareness of the project, we need to communicate with a broader public and disseminate its results.
We at NEWADA duo also ensure that our stakeholders are actively involved in order to achieve user-oriented results and services.

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Harmonisation of Basic Data

Work Package 3 in a nutshell

We are harmonizing information needed for safe and fluent navigation on the Danube.
This refers to water levels and forecasts, traffic-related bottlenecks and marking systems.

Work Package Lead: Claudiu Dutu, AFDJ

"In life doesn`t matter where you are, but who`s together with you." Walk together for the users.

- Claudiu Dutu, AFDJ

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Work Package Lead: Štefan Polhorský, SVP

Improvement of the customer orientation means that we will provide the services and information for the navigation on the Danube as user-friendly as possible

- Štefan Polhorský, SVP


Improving Customer Orientation

Work Package 4 in a nutshell

We are enhancing tools for the nautical crew, making these as user-friendly as possible.
To this end, we are improving both electronic and paper navigational charts and preparing a catalogue of berthing places available on the river.

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User Services based on ICT

Work Package 5 in a nutshell

We are improving our single-window information portal on the Danube fairway (FIS Portal) and several WIFI hotspots along the river according to user needs.
New innovative services in the field of virtual marking and modern buoy monitoring will be introduced in waterway maintenance.

Work Package Lead: Gergely Mező, RSOE

"For me, NEWADA duo means the continuation of a strategic Danube cooperation and network and making joint efforts towards better fairway services and conditions."

- Gergely Mező, RSOE

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Work Package Lead: Thomas Hartl, via donau

Innovative waterway management processes, together with customer-oriented key performance indicators, will support the coordination and enhance the transparency of the overall performance of waterway management authorities.

- Thomas Hartl, via donau


Integrated Waterway Management

Work Package 6 in a nutshell

We are establishing similar quality levels in waterway maintenance and management.
In order to do so, we will agree on key performance indicators, optimise processes in sustainable waterway maintenance and prepare for future investments.

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Increase Visibility and Awareness

Work Package 7 in a nutshell

We inform stakeholders about activities of Danube waterway administrations which are not visible enough.
Stakeholder workshops are being organized along the river and a Joint Danube Report will be available.

Work Package Lead: Ivan Mitrović, Plovput

An old African proverb says: "If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together". In NEWADA duo, Danube waterway administrations walk together towards sustainable user oriented harmonized waterway services along the Danube River.

Ivan Mitrović, Plovput