Ecological Expert Exchange builds on NEWADA duo/Danube Parks 2.0 cross-fertilization

25.04.2014, enews

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The Third ecological expert exchange of the NEWADA duo project which was held in the Service Centre Wachau of viadonau in Krems built on the outcome of the cross-sectoral conference on river morphology and ecological river management with Danube Parks 2.0. last fall.

This cross-fertilization meeting followed on the footsteps of the joint ANUBEPARKS Step 2.0 and NEWADA duo cross-sectoral conference on river morphology and ecological river management held last October in Hainburg (Austria). Some 40 participants attended the meeting which was held in the Service Centre Wachau of viadonau in Krems (Austria). The two-day event allowed participants to engage in discussions around the way communication between ecological and infrastructure projects works, how the cooperation actually works on an everyday basis what possible solutions could be for an improvement of the joint work and where how far the cooperation could go. This in more depth reflection work and the identification on how both sides work and how they could best complement each other was very interesting for the participants.

Carl Manzano DANUBEPARKS spokesman refers to the long tradition of successful cooperation between navigation and conservation sector in Austria: “Today for both sectors this cooperation is necessary if they want to achieve their goals.”

This event was the third and last of a series of 3 ecological experts exchanges that have been organized by viadonau in the framework of the NEWADA duo project and more specifically under the leadership of senior expert Thomas Hartl, leader of the work package “Integrated Waterway Management”. All NEWADA duo project partners are involved in this activity and actively participate in these exchanges, also actively involving national experts in the field of ecology such as the partners of DANUBEPARKS 2.0. These exchanges which mainly focus on the interfaces between ecology and navigation, specifically on ecological aspects of river engineering works as well as maintenance activities are being fostered through the close cooperation with the DANUBEPARKS 2.0. project.

The Ecological Expert Exchange explored insights that the work in stakeholder management in the framework of the Stakeholder Involvement Measures on Danube East of Vienna as well as Stakeholders’ Involvement and transparency of the planning process in Serbia. Such approaches have proven their value in changing the landscape and attitude in which stakeholders operate.

The meeting was concluded with a field trip to the Danube River in the Wachau valley where viadonau is implementing water management related projects.

3rd Ecological Expert Exchange (EEE) of the NEWADA duo project

Ecological Expert Exchanges (EEE) of the NEWADA duo project like the common conference with the project DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 (Danube River Network of Protected Areas) organized last October aim at raising the awareness for ecological measures as well in order to raise the awareness for ecological issues at waterway administrations.

Source and Editorial: NEWADA duo

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