NEWADA duo sails ahead towards project synergies

22.07.2013, enews

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On 29 May 2013, the NEWADA duo team met in Venice with the Venice Port Authority team in charge of 3 EU projects of interest for cross-fertilization purposes. The projects presented on that day beside NEWADA duo were INWAPO, EMPIRIC and WATERMODE.

The NEWADA duo team has made the SEE Programme goals in its thematic capitalisation strategy which pursues the following goals:

  • To valorise and further build upon the knowledge resulting from projects working in a thematic field;
  • To fill knowledge-gaps by linking actors with complementary thematic specialization, experiences, methodological approaches or geographical scope;
  • To increase the visibility of the projects and the Programme and to ensure their impact on the policy making process at local, regional, national and European levels;
  • To strengthen strategic thematic networks in the Programme area;
  • To encourage the wider take-up of project outcomes from outside the SEE Programme area;
  • To contribute to the design and/or implementation of future transnational cooperation in the area.

On a smaller scale, the NEWADA duo team met with representatives of the Venice Port Authority to identify possible areas of cross-fertilization. Andrea Condotta (EMPIRIC), James Orlandi (INWAPO and WATERMODE) and Silvia Baldassin (INWAPO) presented their projects.

A workshop followed the presentation during which the project teams analyzed possible synergies and areas where joint actions or events in view of a more strict cooperation could be developed, thus capitalizing on mutual results and achievements.

Possible synergies were identified on content level among which the top 6 were:

  • Multimodality, ICT (e.g.: RIS implementation on the Danube included many NEWADA duo partners, while the RIS implementation on the Po is just starting)
  • preparation for infrastructure investments
  • interoperability (dialogue between road, rail, maritime and IWT users &stakeholders)
  • Water management
  • ecological issues
  • training towards new (logistical) expertise

This meeting was part of an effort to disseminate the results of NEWADA duo and to find cross-fertilization points between SEE and CE projects. A step further was taken during the SEE Annual Event in Bucharest on 19 June 2013 where NEWADA duo attended Pole 7 of the so-called multimodal accessibility to primary networks.

Source and editorial: NEWADA duo