Romanian NEWADA duo Partner AFDJ hosts second Stakeholder Workshop in Bucharest

On 16th of October, 2014, the second Romanian national stakeholder workshop was hosted by NEWADA duo partner AFDJ in the premises of Hotel Parliament, in Bucharest (Romania).
Important stakeholders and main actors in the Romanian inland waterway sector, experts from the Ministry of Transport, the Romanian Naval Authority, ship owners, skippers, RIS developers, the media, discussed together with the NEWADA duo Romanian team of experts NEWADA duo services and their adaptability in Romania.

AFDJ representatives Romeo Soare and Claudiu Dutu presented the latest project results and in a live demonstration showed software for marking plans/systems. The fairway information portal - FIS-portal was also a highlight presented during the meeting.
In terms of River Information Services (RIS), some of the NEWADA duo achievements are closely related to results developed in the IRIS Europe 3 project. Thus, depth information in ENC (bENC), paper charts, D4D water level models and a mobile RIS application offering data on water level and bottlenecks were also brought to discussion.

Implementing state-art-technologies, both shipboard and waterway infrastructure will improve traffic safety, reduce accident hazards on the Danube and improve environmental protection; In this regard, in the course of the NEWADA duo project, technical and financial efforts have been directed towards improving waterway infrastructure and the quality of information available to clients of the waterway. These objectives are in line with the European Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) as well as with policies of the Romanian Ministry of Transport.
The event was hailed a great success by the participants who also expressed their satisfaction regarding the project results and are interested in using them when they become available. Source & Editorial: AFDJ & NEWADA duo