NEWADA duo at Pole 7 and Pole 9

09.10.2013, enews

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The NEWADA duo project is participating in two SEE Thematic Poles out of 14 SEE Thematic Poles: Pole 7 (Multimodal accessibility to primary networks) and Pole 9 (Greener Transport Systems). These poles are mainly concerned with surface transport issues (rail, road, inland waterway and maritime transportation) and focus on smart, integrated and integrative transport modes in the SEE area.

On June 19th 2013 (Bucharest, Romania) - during the SEE Annual Conference - the 1st workshop of these Thematic Poles took place for identifying potential synergies with affine SEE projects.
The NEWADA duo project was represented in Pole 7, alongside with the projects SEETAC, ACROSSEE, SEE ITS, HINT, SETA, WATERMODE, DAHAR and ADB Multiplatform, while in Pole 9, NEWADA duo was also represented along with CO-WANDA, ECOPORT / TEN ECOPORT, GIFT, ADB, IRON CURTAIN TRAIL, SEE-ITS and other experts.

During the summer, a roadmap concept for both Poles was established outlining the mission and the main outputs to be achieved as a result of the synergies developed between involved projects.
On September 18th 2013 (Split, Croatia) both Thematic Poles organised its 2nd workshop for coordinating the results of SEE projects for improved accessibly across the region with special attention on multimodal and green transport. During those workshops key questions about the future requested investment priorities, involvement of stakeholders and project implementations have been discussed as well as new thematic topics have been identified. These results will support the programme programming process of the future transnational programmes in the Danube region for 2014-2020.


Co-WANDA and NEWADA duo teams with Project Manager Roberta Calcina at SEE Accessibility Seminar in Split