First Board of Directors Meeting for NEWADA duo

30.01.2013, enews

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On 16-17 January 2012, the first of the series of NEWADA duo Board of Directors (BoD) Meetings was held in Semmering (Austria). This meeting is opening the first chapter in the specific approach of Board of Directors, the Steering Committee of the project. Such meetings give the Managing Directors of the Waterway Administrations in the Danube region the necessary supervisory tools to achieve a common level of service in waterway management for the benefit of the users of the waterway.

The first of a series of four BoD meetings, which was chaired by via donau Managing Director Hans-Peter Hasenbichler (Austria), saw presentations and workings groups on the activities ahead in integrated waterway management.

Since as many as ten riparian states are in charge of waterway maintenance of one international waterway and since NEWADA duo mostly concentrates on the customer orientation of the services developed, the most effective approach is to establish shared quality standards for all waterway administrations along the Danube on the basis of agreed performance indicators.

Following the presentations on the activities of the Board of Directors, three parallel group workshops took place during which the 30 participants reflected on their understanding on performance indicators. The successful roll-out of the performance indicators at Board of Directors Meetings will bring the following benefits:

  • strategic, tactical and operational planning and control
  • Better evaluation of the success of a particular activity by periodic and comparable measurement and reporting
  • transparency of performance and showcase achievements
  • Cross-border and intermodal comparability of performance with regard to the baseline of a specific level of service
  • help to improve activities and results on the basis of periodic and comparable measurement and reporting

Board of Directors Meetings

The highest body and Steering Committee of the NEWADA duo project, the Board of Directors brings together all Directors of project partners to make strategic decisions, point out the directions of coordinated actions for the future and implement common performance indicators in waterway management. Furthermore, the Board agrees on the overall work plan for the project as well as continuously approves the results of the respective work packages.

The Representatives of the Danube waterway administrations have agreed that the BoD Meetings should go beyond the scope of the project and in the course of NEWADA duo, a proposal will be elaborated to institutionalise such events. BoDs will thus provide a solid platform for the discussion of general developments of waterway administrations and waterway management.

Source and editorial: NEWADA duo